Masterplan Study for the Derryfield School

The Derryfield School retained Cowan Goudreau Architects and Centerbrook Architects to develop a Master Plan.  The two firms interviewed all the faculty and staff and then led three planning workshops to gain a clearer understanding of the Derryfield Community and its needs.  Combined with the 2013 Strategic Plan, these Master Plan recommendations provide a 20-year vision for improving the school’s physical environment.

The direction proposed by this Master Plan parallels many points already outlined in their Strategic Plan for their Buildings & Grounds, including new construction that supports the community and the family values associated with a day school while improving Derryfield’s image; renovations and aesthetic improvements addressing campus safety, convenience, as well as upper school improvements that will bring the buildings up to par with academic programs; and updating spaces that are limiting in their performance regarding modern teaching and social needs.

During the Master Plan process we analyzed the campus grounds, vehicular and pedestrian site-traffic and circulation, parking, operations, utilities, security, and way finding assessments.  We explored the campus to review the physical condition of site and buildings and conducted interviews with with faculty, staff, and board members.  We held three planning workshops to understand the Derryfield Community, its values, and to find consensus on physical improvements to make over the next 20 years.